Part 0 intro  – Web economy

Web applications are the ultimate free market to sell any goods, it is also open 24/7/365 for hacking

The web application ecosystem 

Web applications change the world and create the web application economy revolution where any one with a good idea can build a web application to provides products or services and monetize with end user that uses  a web browser and connected to the  internet  can consume them.  It is the free market utopia and the web application technology  paradigm is the business enabler that allows this revolution to happen and flourish .

The Web applications undergo another expedite digital transformation due to the Covid 19 pandemic where social distance made remote access a day to day action for services like health care, banking and buying habits significantly increase to online using web applications. Today the entire world heavily depends on the web application, it is hard to imaginFe the day to day life without them.

The web application are the driving power of the web revolution where any one can build a web application that  provides services and anyone with a web browser and internet connection can consume the service.

It is the free market utopia and the web application technology is the business enabler that allows this revolution to happen.

The web app is based on a simple paradigm of a client asking a resources from a server that process the request and send the response to the client that display it inside a browser.

What is a web app – technical overview

The web application was a revolution in the client server paradigm.  It consiste of 3 main elements ( AKA Web app Elements):

The web browser – that provides a client software that can run in any device and is available on any operating system   that anyone can use  with simple concept of clicking links to load new content – portability

  1. The internet – The inter connecting protocosl – the internelt  – available to all
  2. The Web application itself where all the data is stored and served to the client over the internet. Availability for anywone with a browser and internet connection.
  3. Web application back end includes 3 main parts / components:
  4. web server – accepts request from browser over the inrnet
  5. application server- funcilty by scripting such as php to use the user input and do actions with it , present data
  6. data base server – to keep the data of users or the app data e.g. item for saels, news to be ready.

Anyone can build any funcliity ( service)  with his uqnie degein , It can provide: service, buy, sell , read, susbcstpion

Site purpose – (aka biz plan) what will the web app provides ?

Web application allows building complex system with functionality for end users in may ways which made it the most poplar software component around0  us

  • present / Sell / buy
  • sell  – books, amazon , anything , tickets
  • service – sales dfroce , WAF scan health , finance
  • informative – learning – courses – paid