Who Are We?
Hacktica services inquires
Security researchers

Who Are We?

Specialization on web app protection

Developing innovation for WAF vendors

Customer driven service trusted adviser

Biggest testing and assessment repository

  • Established at 2008
  • WAF technologies expert with over 20 years personnel experience
  • Web app Security control innovations
  • Hands on Protection team writing battle cards
  • Methodology Creators for Incident response for web app under attack (CSIRT)


We provide sponsorship for various security initiatives and promote security in the community in many ways.

We collaborate, got a security initiative? 

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“we shall fight with growing confidence”


Hacktica services inquires

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Feel free to send us any questions, feedback, request and we will get back to you

more information can be found in our: Hacktica WAF repo

Security researchers

  • We work with security researcher around the world.
  • We respect individuals that take the time to find and report security challenges in WAF technologies.
  • We do not pay money, but we do send swag according to our internal “researcher value recognition” process
  • Do not send any payloads, exploits in this form.
  • You can contact our SIRT at: SIRT @ Hacktica.com

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Hacktica Team

The Hacktica Team are the WAF technologies top expert around the globe.
And, We have been doing this for many years