WAF Workshops

WAF workshops are a unique offering that provides the know-how on a specific management knowledge.

The workshops design to optimize your current WAF management with our best practices.

All WAF workshops can be customized per demand.

Methodical approach by DSMMAIR cycle:

  • Assess – pre WAF deployment
  • Implement– building WAF policy
  • Response– WAF incident response

Incident Response

Security incident is the moment were the WAF provide the real value and must protect the web app assets. Getting ready for the next attack is the only aspect in the security posture for the web app owner.

  • Monitor policy changes
  • Ongoing false positive & negatives
  • Rule set update and upgrades
  • Forensics investigation
  • Compromised boxes examination
  • Policy update
  • Security Evaluation
  • Process improvement

Assessment Plan

Choosing the right WAF for the right environment is a key point in the security strategy for any web application. Planning the security protection strategy of the WAF reduce complexity and allows easy deployments.

  • RFP / RFI / POC assistance
  • Security Requirement Document
  • Security Design Document
  • Performance guidance
  • Threat modeling assessment
  • Planning implementation
  • Go online guidance

Implementations Strategies

Implementing the right policy that fits the web application with the right protection elements is critical to start detecting attacks. Getting the policy to blocking and providing real security value is a major goal and requires expertise that can be acquired.

  • Procedural policy building
  • Configuring app entities layout
  • Setting detection and prevention mechanisms
  • Defining block alarm balance
  • Verifying False positives
  • Reporting review
  • Policy management

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