WAF Testing
Plans & Pricing

Standard Plans

                                    Attack :


Brute Force DDoS Vulnerability Hunting CAV Testing
Scan only 500$ 500$ 1000$ 1800$
Scan & Report 1500$ 1500$ 4000$ 6500$
Scan Report & Analysis 2500$ 2500$ 6000$ 10000$

WAF Plans Details

Scan only Scan & Report Scan Report & Analysis
Scan V V V
Scheduled scan V V V
Report V V
Policy scoring V V
Voice chat V
Follow-up V
Extra services V
  • Scan only – self service for update and upgrade on going testing
  • Scan and Report – scoring your WAF with clear actionable repot
  • Scan Report and Chat– max value with a findings presentation in a collaboration call

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Terms and Conditions

  • Our services:
    • “I am allowed to scan the WAF” statement is needed
    • No harm testing must be agreed 
    • No liability for results of the scanning must be agreed


    Pricing and scanning

    • Scanning is Per policy (FQDN)
    • Plans and Pricing for Calendar year 2021
    • Advance and premium services are available for existing customers.
    • Payment done before scan
    • Free evaluation is POC