Web Security Evaluation

Evaluations service :

Evaluation provide a way to measure the hard work you invest in securing your web application asses  by reflecting the security level that indicated the ability to stop and prevent security incidents


Evaluate your  security so that you can better prevent the next attack.


Measuring security is vital for the security value zone

Security controls Evaluations

Testing WAF policy capabilities to detect and prevent common attack vectors

WAF Policy Testing

WAF scan provide a clear picture of your current policy strength and weakness. Understanding the security level that your policy has is critical to successful detection and mitigation of web application common attack vector.

Get your WAF ready for the next automated attack!

WAF testing improves your overall security:

Focusing on fast mitigation for known attacks – vital few policy

Refining WAF policy to reduce to overhead of managing false positives.

Customizing the policy to the needs and security effort you can sustain.

WAF Policy Testing

Testing for common attack vectors detection is the minimum WAF requirements that should reflect your WAF security value  on any web application.

  • Web Expolits (RCE)
  • App Brute Force
  • App DoS/DDoS
  • Bot/BotNet

Any WAF Testing

No matter which WAF type and where it resides, our unique WAF everywhere testing methodology have all the right test plans.

  • All Types
  • All Vendors
  • All Locations

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