WAF Evaluation Services

WAF Evaluation - Simplifying Web Application security

WAF Evaluation is a unique service that provides visibility on your current security and which protection elements can be improved.

WAF Evaluation consist of a dedicated test plans for common attack vector or can be tailored per the application threats assessment

Simplifying WAF security

WAF Testing plans

  • Scan only – self service for update and upgrade on going testing
  • Scan and Report – scoring your WAF with clear actionable repot
  • Scan Report and Chat– max value with a findings presentation in a collaboration call

Security visibility

Know your security level and policy capabilities


Policy optimization

Get the right policy for your needs


Incident readiness

Next attack readiness and mitigation time improvement

  • Application Brute force (CS, PS)
  • Application DoS & DDoS
  • Automated CVE hunting
  • Bot & botnet traffic policy
  • Automated Vulnerability Seek n Destroy
  • API attacks
  • Automated Data harvesting and abuse
  • Bot impersonation attack
  • Site Access Policy (SAP)

Web Application Account Take Over

Application Distributed Denial Of Service

Application Vulnerability Hunting

Malicious Bots Traffic

We Test it all

Any WAF you own, anywhere your WAF is, we are there

All Types

  • WAF
  • Bot Manager
  • WAF NG

All Vendors

  • Commercial
  • Open Source
  • inhouse WAF

All Locations

  • On premises
  • Clouds
  • SaaS WAF

WAF Testing -Plans & Pricing

Standard Plans

Plan  / Application Attack Brute Force DDoS Vulnerability Hunting Full CAV Testing
Scan only 500$ 500$ 1000$ 1800$
Scan & Report 1500$ 1500$ 4000$ 6500$
Scan Report & Analysis 2500$ 2500$ 6000$ 10000$

WAF Plans Details

Scan only Scan & Report Scan Report & Analysis
Scan V V V
Scheduled scan V V V
Report V V
Policy scoring V V
Voice chat V
Follow-up V
Extra services V

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Terms and Conditions

  • Our services:
    • “I am allowed to scan the WAF” statement is needed
    • No harm testing must be agreed 
    • No liability for results of the scanning must be agreed


    Pricing and scanning

    • Scanning is Per policy (FQDN)
    • Plans and Pricing for Calendar year 2021
    • Advance and premium services are available for existing customers.
    • Payment done before scan
    • Free evaluation is POC